Spicy Marinated Soy Sauce

This sauce is a bit of a secret to really bring out the flavour in what could be a normal dish, transforming it into a bit of gourmet meal. The umami taste found in the kelp, combined with the little kick from the garlic and chilli give this soy sauce its intense flavours. Left to mature it will develop its flavour over a few months, really good to experiment with over time.

10 oz bottle salt free tamari or soy sauce
a 2 inch strip kombu
2 garlic cloves
1-2 whole dried chillies (optional)

Pour tamari into small bowl, retain bottle and add seaweed to soften. Chop garlic to fit in bottle and pop in. Add peppers and softened seaweed. With funnel pour sauce back into bottle. Seal and store in fridge. As it ages, the flavour will develop for many months making it deeper and richer.