Kombu Crisps

These go hand in hand with a good pint of bitter or a shot of whiskey on a cold winter night. They are easy to overcook and it could be advised to wear goggles when frying, as the seaweed tends to bubble vigorously in the hot oil.

Note: it will not work unless the oil is hot enough. Some experimentation might be necessary to obtain a satisfactory result!

Kelp, cut into pieces
Sunflower or peanut oil

Heat about 12 cm of oil in a stable pan to about 200 degrees Celsius when using kelp and 180 degrees when using any other seaweed. Cut the kelp into small chunks and carefully drop into the oil, a few at a time. Remove after a couple of seconds when the surface starts to bubble up and the seaweed becomes crisp. Using a slotted spoon, remove from oil and place on kitchen paper to remove excessive oil.