Tuna and Seaweed salad

This is seriously good after-surf-food. Packed with proteins, vitamins and tastiness

5-10gr dried, toasted Sea Salad
2 cans of tuna (~300gr) – sustainably fished, at least it should have the MSC label !!
1 small spring onion, finely chopped
1 green apple, diced
Lemon juice

Mayonnaise (you can easily make your own. It’s much more delicious than the supermarket stuff, trust me!)

Drain the tuna and break it up into small bits in a bowl. Crush the seaweed in your hand and add, together with the spring onion and apple, to the tuna. Stir the mixture together with sea salt, pepper and lemon juice. Add mayonnaise according to taste and desired consistency. The salad can be eaten on its own, but is equally delicious on a fresh baguette (if you are lucky to live near Stones Bakery in Falmouth, Cornwall then you know where to get the best!) or a pitta bread.