Sea spaghetti, beef and Guinness pie

with oysters (optional)

This is a wonderfully exciting dish from Mairin Ui Choman although I leave out the oysters and use 250g mushrooms, a couple of large carrots and a little hot water instead.

700g beef cubed
2tbsp plain flour
2 onions chopped
225g mushrooms chopped
425ml Guinness
Pinch black pepper and sea salt
2tbsp sunflower oil
1tbsp Worcester sauce
10-15g Sea Spaghetti rinsed &soaked in cold water for 5 mins
12 oysters strained and shelled, keep the juice
200g ready-made puff pastry

Toss beef, salt, pepper and flour. Heat the oil in a large pan and add the beef cubes to seal a few at a time. Do not overcrowd the pan at this time. Remove beef and in same pan fry the mushrooms and onion until soft then add the beef again. Add in the Sea spaghetti, oyster juices as well as the Guinness, Worcester sauce and cook for about 1.5hrs until beef is tender. Set aside and leave to cool before adding oysters. Pour mixture into a greased pie dish, cover with pastry to leave a slight overhang. Crimp firmly and cut hole in the centre. Cook in a preheated oven at 200C (gas mark 6) for 15mins then reduce heat to 150C (gas mark4) and leave for 30mins. Serve hot with a jacket potato or light salad.