1 pan prawns & spinach stir fry

This is a quick, easy and tasty recipe that can be made in 1 pan. I prefer brown rice and do add the optional water at the end as well as a handful of baby tomatoes to heat through for a few mins. Great in the winter or for summer halve the rice and double/triple the greens by adding some broccoli.

Serves 3-4

2tbsp Sea Salad
250g white or brown rice
1tbsp olive oil
400g spinach
150g cooked prawns
2tsp fish sauce
Pinch sea salt
1tsp soy sauce
(Optional 2tbsp Water/ 1tbsp oil)

Cook/ steam rice as usual and leave to one side. Heat oil in large pan, add rice and spinach then combine all ingredients and cook for 2-3 mins mixing as you go. Reduce heat and heat through for a further 3 mins or until it is hot mixing in the water and/or oil to sure it does not dry out.